Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Daddy is a Hero

When I was in high school, I lived next to Fort Ord in Monterey County, and I came up with a theory that military families are so amazing that they have to keep moving around to everywhere so they can make the world a better place all over and not just in one town. Almost 20 years later, and having lived next to Fort Carson for the past 10 years, the theory has been CONFIRMED! My life has been so blessed by my army brat friends and my heart has been filled and broken by watching them come and go. Thank goodness for Facebook and blogs, I can keep in touch with them.
Inspired by my friends in the military whose Dads are deployed,
the newest book to the Mine Own Book Library,

Our Daddy is a Hero

This 8"x8" 10 page book includes full color, high quality pictures of your hero and your family on every page! You can see some examples...

I am really proud of this book, and I'm very happy to offer it forever at a special discounted price of $13.50


Our Mommy is a Hero

(I can't wait to get a sample made of this one too!)

Click on this image to download this PDF flyer for distribution!

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