Thursday, May 14, 2009

We have a winner!

The winner is Amy from West Jordan, Utah!
OK, this was my first giveaway, and it was so fun that I do plan to do more in the future. I had so many great entries, I do want to do something special for everyone who came to check out the site and took the time to enter.
If you left a comment and are still interested in getting a book at a discounted price, email me at mineownbook (at) yahoo (dot) com and I can set you up - through Paypal - with a book for $13.50 each ($2 off) and get you set up with the book of your choice!
Thanks to everyone who came to check out the site and blog! Any comments and suggestions to my email address are always welcome!
Note: I had planned on posting this at least 12 hours ago, but was at the doctor for a bit of the day with Mine Own Three Year Old who swallowed a coin and also making stew for my 5th grader's Civil War Presentation today... The Doc says the coin is on it's way to passing nicely, but I have been home for about 45 minutes today! Life does go on doesn't it? Please forgive my late posting!
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This is the last day!

Be sure and tell your friends about the giveaway ~ this is the last day to enter! Leave your comments on the giveaway post!

Deadline for entries is midnight tonight - Mountain Standard Time!

One random winner will be chosen!

Good luck!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

first things first: A Giveaway!

I am happy to be offering a 2 book giveaway to kick off the Mine Own Book launch! (a $31 value!) I will be giving away TWO books to one lucky person who enters!

~ ~ THREE ways to enter the giveaway ~ ~

One entry: leave me a comment on this post about which book would be your first choice for your little one. (remember, you'll be receiving TWO books!)

Also: When you leave a comment, if you add a link to your blog and have added my blinkie to your blog, you get another entry!

Finally: Become a follower of my blog for a third, yes, that's THIRD way to enter!

Deadline is May 14th, at midnight, MST. The randomly chosen winner will be announced Friday the 15th!
In other news:
If you have checked my site, you might notice that I only have one link missing ~ we are currently putting together a comment page for all the great people who have bought books ~ stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Number One

So over the past couple months, I have been planning, designing and getting everything ready for launch and we are right there! I am excited and anxious to see how the next year (or even month, for that matter) will pan out for my little endeavor.
All three of my kids have always used the phrase "mine own" ~ mine own cookie, mine own shoes, mine own book ~ and luckily for their 3rd & 5th grade grammar grades, the older two have grown out of it, but still have a little dude in the 'mine own' mode. So when I was thinking about personalized books, this was an obvious choice!
I am starting with two different styles of books ~ an About Me book and the counting book. I have started creating an Alphabet book as well as a couple of other ideas that are rolling around in my brain...
Here goes nothin'!